Politics and Drugs

I’m not really into politics,
I’m into drugs.

I wish they had a national rifle association for drug users.  They could lobby to have open carry drug laws.  Making the connection would be a lot easier.

When you have a gun, you can pull the trigger and kill somebody.  But if you have drugs, you can only kill yourself.  What are you doing messing around with jokes anyways, you have better stuff to do.

I’m into soft drugs, not hard drugs.  So I would never use rock cocaine.  Only the soft kind.

If you buy Stoned Wheat Thins at the store, the cashier knows right?

You’d have to be on drugs to be into politics.

Sad Spam Comment

Most of the comments I get on this blog are spam.  I mark them as such, and they get deleted.  Every time I mark one, I think about the digital tidal wave of spam and wonder about the day when I’ll give up doing this.

This morning, a poignant bit of foamy spray flew off of the tidal wave and landed in my inbox.  I imagined a frustrated writer pounding away at a grimy beige keyboard, in a country where coffee is grown and cigarettes are smoked indoors, awash with this tidal wave of futility, practicing her craft in spam comments for 18 hours a day.


I myself personally in the midst of the whole works discovered somewhere down pretty much sad.