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First Photo Essay By John John: Dinner Prep Ritual

We were getting food plated for dinner.  John John was super antsy, due to hunger and being almost 3 years old.  He found my phone.  He touched buttons until he found a photo app.  He took pictures.  I let him because, even if an iPhone was ruined, at least dinner would be served.  Little did I know that he would capture everything so beautifully.  I’ll be happy to remember dinner this way forevermore.

From plating to being seated at the table, I give you John John’s first photo essay:image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

At the Hakone Open Air Museum

imageOn day two or three of our Japan sojourn, we went to the Hakone Open Air Museum and had a little tail end bit of Hanami.  Even a bit of the kind where the petals fall off in the breeze, like gentle snow cascading through the air.

They had a great area with something like a knitted jungle gym.

The child had a great time, even though he was maybe too small to fully experience the wonders of this net/web.image image image

They also have a totally ’80s Picasso permanent exhibition.  So ’80s.  So Japanese.


They also had some classic Japanese bronze sculptures from the ’60s.

With classically Japanese translations of title.

All in all, it was a good day, and that meant lights out for everyone on the car ride home.image

Jim Drain at Greene Naftali

This performance happened at the opening  of Jim Drain’s exhibition “I Would Grow On My Hand” at Greene Naftali in New York City in 2007.  A crowd of people filled the gallery to watch these dancers.   There was Jim in a thong, silver tights, and a wig.  There was a woman in a men’s dress shirt.  Another woman wore a horse’s tail.  They hopped in circles.  We looked on.  I took this video.  The artist Gordon Hull was there and he gave me a zine he had been working on, full of incantations and voudou spells and secret codes you deciphered in mirrors.  Vice licensed the footage for an art TV show they were working on.  For dinner afterwards, I went to Taza del Oro on Eighth Avenue.