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Paris Retail Dream

I had a dream I was in Paris. I was at a super fancy clothing store. It was the flagship of the brand, and the designers’ offices were adjacent to the store. From the sales floor you could walk right into an office. I found this great gray trench coat with zippers, turtleneck sweater and leather details. I went into an office to try it on, because there was a line at the waiting room and I didn’t want to wait. Marc Jacobs came in while I was trying it on. he told me to get out. He pursued me on to the sales floor. I got in line at the checkout, and I saw that the trenchcoat was 505 Euros. We don’t have that kind of money, so I ditched the coat and left the store. It was in Paris, there were caf├ęs and croissants. I was trying to get off of the property, I was being chased by Marc Jacobs and some goons. I got out to the sidewalk and then slipped down into the Parisian sewer. Which was like the catacombs. Suddenly I was watching a news program about the sewer. The announcer said it was the only sewer in the world that was still inlaid with cobblestones and other ancient masonry. I looked in my backpack and found a black pea coat. I put it on and waited until the whole thing blew over.