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Our Escapist Weekend

A few weekends ago, the weather forecast showed temperatures in excess of 100 in San Jose both Saturday and Sunday, so we got out of Dodge and had two days of family adventure:

Saturday in Santa Cruz @ Harvey West Park
imageJohn John is proud of his walking stick.

imageThere was as event being set up for a Boys and Girls club, which meant we eventually left amid the booming bass of a sound system manned by a millenial (as indicated by musical selection and order), but while the morning was still cool-ish, and quiet, John John had fun with this enormous beach ball, the likes of which he’d never seen.

Sunday in Mill Valley
imageThrowing rocks in to streams with friends.  John John later tried to scale that rock.

imageThis photo was followed by naked romping in the water. A good way to cool off!

imageRefreshed after a much needed bath to remove mud and grime, having some cheese on Papa’s lap.