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I Am Someone To Love

    I am the writer
    But I am but alone
    When I’m on this microphone
    I hear singing from the catacombs

    Someday you’ll come to find me
    Look for me and I’ll be gone
    Don’t look no further on
    I’m right here in the song

    If this music makes you feel like I feel
    That’s what is real
    That’s all that’s real

    I am (sing it with me)
    I am someone to love
    (Sing it) I am someone to love

    Keep on knocking
    But you can’t come in
    Don’t tell my Mama
    What kind of shape I’m in

    Take it on the chin
    Every now and again
    Dust myself off
    And check back in

    I know I got problems
    Some of y’all got problems too
    I know it’s true

    This life is beautiful
    Ain’t nothin anyone could do
    To take that away from you

    I am
    I am someone to love
    I am someone to love


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