Back To Back

hot mops

New Music: Hot Mops “Back to Back”

Ensemble of hand drums, shakers, and cymbals, organ, bass, bass saxophone, tenor saxophone.

Recalls Miles Davis’ In A Silent Way groups. “Back To Black” is Mops’ breakthrough statement.

Tryad A

Tryad A

Blowing Fearsome Wind

“Tryad A” for bass, drums, arpeggiator, clarinets, trumpet, and saxophone. Exploring the textures of brass and wind. The simple brass harmony is based on the direct approach taken by rap producers like The Heatmakerz.

The core trio is bass and drums playing to an arpeggio.



Feeling, not thinking

New to my Soundcloud feed, a flowing glitchy trip-hop number. I’ve been working on the feel of the music and focusing less on the structure of the compositions. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but there it is.

Sessions occur in the late morning or noontime, often when I’m trying to use music to relieve stress and increase positive feelings. They get quite strange and out sometimes, and it can be difficult to tell whether I’ve achieved my goal. I think JJJJ here is alright.