Falafel’s Drive-In

Falafel's Drive-In

Falafel’s Drive-In is the best falafel I have ever had.  It’s on Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose.  The sign makes it out like the place is run by a person named Falafel.  Signage errors are usually a plus for a lunch spot.  The falafel balls are green inside because they use a lot of parsley in the mix.  It’s owned by a Palestinian family.  The hot sauce is famous, it’s not very hot, it’s based on harissa, but sweeter.  It is good.

Falafel's Drive-In Menu

This is the menu.  It’s been mostly the same.  I always get the large falafel and banana shake., with extra hot sauce.

Falafel and Banana Shake

You get a number and take a seat, and it comes quick, they call your number on the microphone.

Falafel's Drive-In Seating

The seating area has a big mural and a bunch of pigeons live there.

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